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Theodore Jacobs

Founder & Managing Director Bluegems

Company Profile: Bluegems was founded in the year 2007 in Lagos Nigeria. We are an events management company that is dedicated to adding life and delivering the best at every occasion. Our goal is to be the best event managers in Nigeria.

We provide decor, catering services, cakes for all occasions (birthdays, weddings, valentine special, etc. Our cakes are homemade and hand-crafted using top quality, fresh ingredients. Our recipes have been tried and tested and are continually improved to satisfy our customers.

We also plan children’s parties, we provide bouncing castles, popcorn, candy floss, face painting, MC, DJ, food, decoration etc for children’s parties.

We are on our way to becoming a one-stop events management company, as we have been able to manage different types of occasions successfully and we continue to improve on our delivery by the day.

Through hard work, perseverance and a satisfied clientele we intend to grow the business to a level where we own our on recreational/amusement park where both children and adults can come to relax and have loads of fun. We also have a vision to own a top notch event center where weddings, meetings and other ceremonies can be celebrated.

USP: “puts a smile on your face”

Business Vision: “To be the one-stop events company of choice through quality service”

Business Mission: “To be the leading events company in Nigeria. To bring the fun, life and excitement every event deserves, thus putting that smile on our clients faces.

Business Values: Punctuality, Orderliness, Attention to detail, Respect for our client

Product(s) & Service(s): Planning of events such as weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, naming ceremonies etc. We also provide bouncing castles, mascots, and other forms of party entertainment for children. We also have a confectionary arm where cakes and pastries are made.

Business Clientele: Our clients consist of the general public as our services are not limited to any sector, but some notable clients we have worked for are:

  • Oando
  • Lagos State Mega Expo
  • Inauguration party of the Osun State Governor

Customer Reviews & Testimonial:  Customers have commented on how perfectly we pay attention to details and also how we put their instructions to use. For the Pastries angle, our clients absolutely love the soft texture of the cake, the decoration and the sweet blend of taste.

Business Contact

Block 106, LSDPC Medium Housing Estate, Ijaiye-Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos.
08055113926, 08186303623

Challenges Faced Before & After Business Start-Up:

  • Cheaper Competitors.
  • Fixing an appropriate price
  • Getting the adequate location for a good price
  • Acquiring clientele
  • Management

Keys to Success in Business:

  • Large Clientele
  • Loyal Clients
  • Committed staff
  • Flexible pricing system
  • Quality service

Advice to Aspiring & Budding Entrepreneurs:

  • Never be rude to your clients
  • Always involve your clients in the event process
  • Don’t cut corners, no matter how small the event is.
  • Don’t be in a rush to make a huge profit, let your event speak for themselves and the profits would roll in.
  • Be smartly/neatly dressed and carry yourself with confidence. This tells the client you can adequately execute the job.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and keeping trying

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