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Njemanze Adaoha. O. Vivian

Principal PR Consultant NOVVA Media & Communications

Adaoha Njemanze is a Public Relations & Communications Manager. She is the Founder and Senior PR Consultant for NOVVA Media and Communications which she officially launched in 2017.

Business Owner Profile: Adaoha Njemanze is a Public Relations & Communications Manager. She is the Founder and Senior PR Consultant for NOVVA Media and Communications which she officially launched in 2017. She has consulted across sectors and developed content for top brands. A graduate of Theatre and Media Studies from the University of Calabar. She is also the founder of the NOVVA Children’s Initiative, which aims to provide the requisite educational materials for better learning for children living in the slum areas.

Her clients have been seen in cover stories and press features in BBC, CNN, Glam Africa, Schick Magazine, ThisDay, Pride Magazine UK, Citizen TV Kenya, Houston Weekly, HBE Canada, The Publisher Ghana and lots more.

She was recently named “PR Strategist of the Year” at the Africa Beauty Summit Awards 2020

Business Description: NOVVA Media & Communications Company is gilt–edged public relations and media agency with core competency in media relations, strategic communications, content development, image branding, and event support. We bridge communications gaps between a client and their consumers.

Business Mission: Our mission is to provide long term strategic solutions and partnerships to our clients by media and communications to achieve extraordinary results

Business Values: Honesty, Trustworthy, and Transparency

Services: Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Crisis Management/Communications, Media Relations, and Strategic Consultations

Clients: NUL Synergy (Real Estate & Hospitality), Her Network (Networking Platform for Women, Africa), Homecoming Nigeria 2017 (USA & Nigeria), Nigeria Student Fashion & Design Week 2017 & 2018 (Fashion), Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2018 (Fashion), Redson Lounge (Lounge & Nightclub), Karolyne Ashley (Fashion, USA), Mike Godson (Film) and more.

Testimonials: I enjoyed your attention to detail and blunt responses to my requests. Thank you for working tirelessly on our brand this year” – Karolyne Ashley: Creative Designer (USA)

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Mention Challenges You Usually Face in Your Line of Business –

  • Most clients do not have a broad idea of what public relations entails so you have to explain extensively.
  • As a Public Relations Manager, you have to learn to manage clients’ expectations, sometimes a client will want to make something that isn’t newsworthy a big deal, but as a professional, you have to deal with that skillfully. This also cuts across to budgeting as well.
  • Time management, timing is everything in this career so sometimes it becomes a challenge when you can’t meet up with deadlines and results. It is imperative that in PR, you learn to manage your time depending on the specifics of each project.


List some key Success Factors in your line of business.

  • Evolve with others, it is important to always note the changes in your profession and how best to apply them for future successes.
  • Never stop promoting yourself and your business.
  • Understand your target markets; it will always make life easier if you tailor your services and products to their specific needs.
  • It is important to always put in your best while performing your duties, so I always aim for excellence in my business dealings. A happy and satisfied client will always come back or offer a referral.


What advice would you like to offer any young aspiring or budding entrepreneur in your line of business?

  • To be successful in this profession, it is important to conduct the necessary research you need, from the pioneers of PR to the skills required, the professional bodies to join to studying for courses that will give you more growth towards that goal and fantastic internships to offer my experience.
  • Ask the critical business questions you need to apply and make sure your business plan is detailed enough for you to build a sustainable business.
  • Never stop learning, education has no age limits.
  • It is imperative to network with other people in your profession and other entrepreneurs, it does not only grant you access but opens up more learning experiences and opportunities.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive

– Maya Angelou.

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