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Chuma Obum

Founder & Creative Director

Fuelled by a unique combination of determination and resourcefulness, Chuma Obum is a seasoned entrepreneur who happens to be the Founder and Creative Director of

Business Owner & Company Profile: Fuelled by a unique combination of determination and resourcefulness, Chuma Obum is a seasoned entrepreneur who happens to be the Founder and Creative Director of – An online enterprise that provides motivational information and support solutions to upwardly mobile individuals and institutions. is the inspirational arm of TrueWords Integrated Services; a small business start-up consulting company Chuma founded in 2009 to help aspiring/budding entrepreneurs to develop and manage their business ideas and plans through training, digital marketing and mentoring interventions.

At, you will find Inspiring Quotes, Motivational Messages, Articles, Blog-Posts, Lyrical Expressions and Positive Confessions that you can reference or use to spur yourself to make necessary changes and take incremental steps daily in your personal, professional and spiritual life.

Business Vision: To be a leading enterprise that provides faith-based motivational solutions to upwardly mobile individuals and institutions all over the world.

Business Mission: To touch and uplift as many lives as possible through faith-based motivational messages that are engaging, entertaining, enlightening, encouraging and empowering. Therefore, we ceaselessly generate and propagate well-chosen words, whether written or spoken.

Business Model: Online & Offline retail and service business with a simple transactional revenue model which is to design original motivational products and sell them at affordable prices on our  official website, as well as on other retail sites.

Product(s) & Service(s): Products – Inspirational Books, Framed Inspirational Picture-Quotes, Inspirational Caller Ring Back Tunes, Spoken Word MP3’s,  Inspired T-Shirts, Notepads, Coffee Mugs and Fridge Magnets

Services – Motivational Content Creators & Curators, Motivational Speaking, Motivational Book Publishing & Marketing Consultation

Business Clientele: Douglas Jekan of 1PEE, Chris Ubosi of Megalectrics Ltd (BeatFM), Folusho Ajayi of Hedges & Smiths Suites, Tjay of Faramount Suites  Thorpe Enenajor of Zemano Press, and Mary Umolu of Onikeke Children Outfitters, just to mention a few.

Customer Reviews & Testimonial:  Your motivational site is a beautiful gift of encouragement and a strong voice for love, peace, goodness, self-belief and faith in God. It is an advocate for everything that is good and godly. Your well-chosen words have a way of bypassing the head and going straight to the heart. They lend wings to the spirit; in fact it can be said to be a ‘Pick Me Up’ for every time one needs a lift.

  • Maryann Idokogi, Airport Admin/Logistics Officer at KLM Airlines

We need people like you. People who don’t preach disaster but love; people who teach us the value of following the true light; people who make us realize the joys and unquenchable happiness we can obtain just by walking in God’s way; people who teach us to love our enemies; people who make us realize how poetic and lyrical worshipping God can be; people who show us the way to everlasting riches just by working for God… I can go on and on but the long and short is that, the World needs more people like you.

  • Somi Obum, Founder & Managing Director Sabel Angels Ltd.

Business Contact

33 Akin Osiyemi Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.
09094625531, 08024529500,

Challenges Faced Before & After Business Start-Up:

  • Raising seed capital and proper funding for the business operation.
  • Low sales due to slow patronage.
  • Online security threats from hackers.
  • Low Production Capabilities and break in creative flow due to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria.
  • Too many imitators and competitors both online and offline 

Keys to Success in Business:

  • Strive to achieve excellence in all your business dealings and relationships.
  • Keep your business overheads or expenditures low at any cost.
  • Establish and enforce good product/service logistics, contingency plans, quality control measures and best practices.
  • Use the new online and digital media space as a dynamic and democratizing marketing tool to project and promote your business offerings globally.
  • Have an evolving knowledge of yourself, your business, your target markets, and your workforce so that you can keep innovating. In simpler terms, know yourself, know your products or services, know your customers, and know your workers for the sake of continuous and sustainable growth in your business.

Advice to Aspiring & Budding Entrepreneurs

  • Write a detailed Business Plan before starting your own business. This is very important and crucial to the overall success of your business, because, without a Business Plan, your business idea can be likened to a building project without a building plan.
  • Find great board of directors and business advisers who ask critical questions upfront in order to challenge the significance and commercial viability of your business idea and/or plan. Keep your business overheads or expenditures low at any cost.
  • Always be willingly to form a strategic partnership or alliance with other entrepreneurs and business owners because it’s the recipe for success in today’s business ecosystem and world economy.
  • Carry out periodic research studies on the leading service providers in your area of business so that you can emulate their strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses.
  • Never stop learning, developing, and educating yourself…Never Stop!

Entrepreneurs don’t work nine to five; they work round the clock until their dreams come alive.

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