skip to Main Content was founded by Chuma Obum – a solution-oriented business strategist and consultant who prior to starting Truewords Integrated Services spent several years working in business development, brand management, digital marketing communications and security management roles for various national and multinational companies such as Chabod Global Links, Vmobile/Celtel Nigeria, Galacticos Sports Bar & Grill, Artezia Security Systems, and Darforp Security Ltd which consulted for Airtel & Etisalat Nigeria.

However in 2014, Chuma finally gave up his high paying salaried job to pursue his entrepreneurial dream of becoming an independent business advisor and consultant who provides innovative business and digital marketing solutions to both local and foreign businesses. And with a creative knack and brilliant vision for seeing, sizing and seizing new business development opportunities, Chuma has since been able to foster sustainable business innovations and collaborations across various markets in the hospitality, childcare, digital media, publishing, security and music industry – just to mention a few..

In fact, not only has he written and developed several business plans, company profiles, investment proposals and marketing campaigns for more than 20 start-up companies and a number of established businesses in the small and medium business environment of Nigeria, he is also actively involved in the day-to-day management of Noodles Asunese Enterprises (, and 1PEE Nig Ltd. While the former is a noodles-based quick meal business and a processing agency with an exclusive contract to help Dufil Prima Foods PLC ( push their Indomie Mobile Kitchen/Push Cart project in Lagos City, the latter is a creative and digital media marketing agency with an events management department that is solely responsible for managing all events and business-related activities for the PGM (Push Good Music) Club…visit www.

Additionally, Chuma has taken his passion for writing from the humble beginnings of just scribbling down few wise words for his own personal consumption and self-motivation, to become a published author whose inspirational book  and spoken word album  is now touching and enriching many lives worldwide…You can visit www. for his motivational contents.


To develop Strategic Business Plans, Company Profiles, Sponsorship Proposals, or, to consult for Expert Business Advice and Guidance, Contact & Connect with Chuma Obum


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After several successful years of consulting and writing strategic plans for numerous business start-ups, Chuma realized he had more than enough materials to share, inspire, and empower aspiring entrepreneurs and business minded professionals all over the world. To this end, he founded…  Put this paragraph in a highlighted box on the side.

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