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41 Inspirational Business Quotes That Will Motivate Entrepreneurs To Achieve More

Whether starting a new business venture or managing the day-to-day operations of an existing one, entrepreneurs need to find meaningful ways to motivate themselves to get started and to keep growing their businesses.

However, this is not an easy feat to accomplish because many times than not, entrepreneurs are likely to come across several bumps and obstacles that they must overcome on the path to entrepreneurial success. As difficult and daunting as this may be, staying motivated as an entrepreneur is a choice that you must make on an ongoing basis, because, the more motivated you are to keep going, the more forward-moving momentum you’ll have to venture forth against all odds and reach your desired destination.  

So, to help you defy the odds against you, I have carefully put together 41 Inspirational Business Quotes of mine that you can use to stay motivated as an entrepreneur and/or business-minded professionals. Although every entrepreneur should have his or her unique means of self-motivation, these Inspirational Quotes can be a source of hope and motivation that you can use to sustain your creative energy, commitment, and tenacity towards achieving true business success.

They are as follows;

  1. Entrepreneurs don’t work nine to five; they work round the clock until their dreams come alive.
  2. Start something at your present spot with what you have got whether it’s sufficient or not.
  3. Your money will continue to accrue if you keep creating and adding value
  4. Let your work prove your worth
  5. Creation through cooperation leads to more integrated solutions than creation through competition. In short, collaborations lead to better solutions.
  6. Entrepreneurship teaches you how to become a go-getter by building profitable business systems that makes life better.
  7. Most great accomplishments that exist in today’s business world were achieved in the spirit of strategic alliance and team allegiance – not in defiance.
  8.  It’s better to fail moving forward in action than to languish in stagnation due to inaction
  9. Success becomes predictable and inevitable when your audacity for hope matches your reputation for excellent executions
  10. A successful entrepreneur is one who has been able to build a profitable and sustainable business organization that does not require his or her daily intervention
  11. Success is a journey with no destination. It’s the continuous evolution of great progressions achieved in various successions
  12. It’s the value of things and not their price or amount that should count.
  13. If you continually grow in your stride, you will eventually glow with pride.
  14. Proper preparation precedes productive performance
  15. Money has no motives and intentions of its own. Its motives and intentions are a reflection of the mindset and values of its owner.
  16. In this 21st century, an entrepreneurial mindset is a creative and critical attribute that you must have – whether you are working for a private company, a public-sector organization, or just aspiring/planning to start your own business
  17. Successful entrepreneurs are often driven by the desire to create a business or a brand that will have the longevity to help them leave a lasting legacy
  18. let your efforts be measured in F.U.L.L – fine, unique, long-lasting, and not in H.A.L.F – haphazard, average, lackadaisical, frustrating
  19. There is no provision for a cesarean operation when it comes to birthing your brainchild or giving birth to your vision, you just to keep pushing.
  20. Do not let your seeds of greatness die on the grounds of procrastination.
  21. Being revolutionary is doing something out of the ordinary to bring about radical changes that are visionary.
  22. If your business vision lacks clarity, then your business mission will also lack credibility
  23. Failure is instrumental and detrimental to success, because the more we learn to adjust and readjust positively and incrementally from our failures, the closer we get to success.
  24. The surest path to financial freedom can only be uncovered when we do our best to generate multiple streams of income by having many profitable wells to fetch from.
  25. Something is definitely amiss when you continuously aim and miss. So change your strategy and stop wasting your energy.
  26. Your customers will continue to move further along your sales pipeline when they know that you are more eager to add value to the product line than to gain numbers on your bottom line
  27. When it comes to which is most important, there is a clear difference between appearance and substance. While the former likely to help you make short-term progress, the latter will certainly help you achieve long-term success.
  28. Knowledge and information are useless without purpose and action
  29. If you don’t make the necessary trade-off, you will never realize what you are fully made off
  30. Surround yourself with people who make you feel you can after carefully listening to your plan
  31. While procrastination waits and makes excuses, action initiates and movingly executes.
  32. Business-like life-can be complicated. But going into business with the aim of adding value to people’s lives is a good way to deconstruct the complicated nature of the business to make it easily understandable, acceptable, and profitable
  33. Do not allow complacency to rob you of your sense of urgency.
  34. People will easily be drawn to you when there is real value in what you do
  35. You must prep, prep, and thoroughly prep before taking the next step
  36. Generosity is an effective way to build credibility and relationships in any community; so it is wise to make giving back or giving to charity a priority.
  37. Learn from the pros, and you will be projected. Dwell on the cons, and you will be constricted.
  38. When it comes to achieving personal development and performance enhancement, positive feedback is a powerful encouragement that enables one to continue searching for excellence no matter the discouragement.
  39. There is no occupation, profession, vocation, or even ambition that can come to fruition if not positively, persistently, and patiently powered with passion and purposeful action.
  40. Being able to identify a need and then providing what is needed is an excellent commercial trait indeed.  
  1. You must be willing to go out and lead to succeed. So make it your G.O.A.L – Go out And Lead!

All quotes are originally written by Chuma Obum

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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